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From the Palm of Your Hand

Monitor and Control Your Entire Home… From Anywhere 

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Explore Our Automation Services

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What Can a 1st Choice Automation Home Do for You? 

Are you constantly running around...

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  • Turning lights on and off
  • Setting and resetting thermostats
  • Opening and closing shades and curtains
  • Fiddling with pool and sprinkler controls

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Or, do you sometimes leave the garage door open after dark... or even all night? Or the front porch lights on all day?

When you are out of town, do you wonder what is going on at your home or what the curious neighbor you left a key with is doing in your home when you are gone? Or, maybe the appliance repairman couldn’t get into your home to make repairs because the neighbor you left the keys with was not home?

There is a better way, one that is faster, simpler, and infinitely more enjoyable.

1st Choice Automation puts your home to work for you, adding comfort, convenience, and security, as well as making your life easier and more enjoyable, even while saving energy.

Call 703-304-0727 to schedule your free in-home consultation today!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide affordable and reliable, integrated, whole-house home automation for all homes. There are now available automation components for monitoring and controlling every conceivable device in a home so we can confidently say that if the homeowner can imagine it, we can probably automate it.

One of our core principles is that we will only specify and install technology and components that we believe to be near bulletproof in terms of reliability. We then integrate and install those in ways that we believe will be most intuitive and as easy to use as possible.

Meet Our Founder, Peter Hart

Peter Hart, the founder of 1st Choice Automation, has been working with home automation systems more than 25 years. In the beginning, such systems were hobby grade at best; he installed many systems but mostly for family and close friends who could be forgiving of the technical shortcomings as long as he was around to tweak and make things work.

Switching the focus to more recent years, the state of the technology has been improving steadily to the point where these systems are now relatively inexpensive, very high-quality, and very reliable components for home automation. So in 2017, Peter founded 1st Choice Automation to bring this technology to a wider market.

Combining his extensive knowledge of and experience with home automation, along with his innate keen technical aptitude and abilities, he is able to select the right technology and implement it in ways that are as intuitive and easy to use as possible for the majority of his potential clients who do not have these high-level technical skills.

He also has many years of experience taking care of aging-in-place seniors. As such, he developed a deep understanding of their needs and how to make their lives easier with home automation systems specially adapted to their needs. He has a specialty in automating homes for this market segment.

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